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Testimony from a patient
"Best money I ever spent!"- Sarah
I went to see Cammi when I was at the end of my rope and what could of been the end of my life. I had just been sent home from the hospital a crazy depressed mess. I had plans of suicide if this didnt work. I went to Cammi as a last hope, before I took my own life. All I can say is this is what saved me. Cammi took the time, like no one else had, to hear my story. She gave me whole food minerals and amino acids and I SWEAR TO YOU the next morning I woke up a little better, and everyday I got better. After 3 months Cammi wanted me to lower my dose of pills and tried to get me off of them. I tried but felt I felt better on the higher dose. I have stayed at 4 mintran and 2 amino alls and I feel great. I love my life, I love myself, My husband and I get along now and I cry as I write this, I am still alive.
Thank God there is people like Cammi who are so KNOWLEDGEABLE and who CARE.
This WORKS ! I wanted to say this helped but it did more than help it worked. I was in and out of the emergency room for several weeks with panic attacks and anxiety and depression. I went to Cammi as my last hope and she said give it 24 hours. I did and she was right. In 24 hours I was a new person and I have stayed balanced for over a year now. -Grace
                         "I thought I was happy, turns out I was lying to myself. Thank you Cammi!!!"
                                                                            - Anonymous
I NOW wake up every morning feeling completely calm, relaxed, and confident.
I found the cure to my anxiety and panic once and for all without it ever coming back. - Ken
"I used to suffer from depression and fatigue, Now I am happy to be balanced"
Tears of happiness here! What a relief, what a trip, what an experience! I, just this evening, got a clean bill of health! This is the first time in ten years that I have had normal blood work! I have been fighting and dealing with an autoimmune disease for the last ten years of my life! : Blood transfusions for years, wheelchair, walking with a cane, chemotherapy, injections, 10 years of Pred...nisone, endless blood draws, hospital stays, and Dr. visits, some really really big scares. Was told I'd never have children, was told I may only have a short time to live at one point, was told I would need medications for life to keep my body functioning. Well I would not listen to any of that negative stuff.
When I moved to Craig and met my husband the pregnancy of our first child found me in the best health I had been in for four years. I still had minor ups and downs, but began to learn of more natural healing from Dr. Cammi Balleck Phd- who I believe really really helped get me where I am now. She believed along with me that I would get better. She suggested I follow her natural healing plan with whole food supplements and healthy eating. I knew I was on the right track, even though my other Dr.s thought I would be sick for life. I took whole food supplements and kept choosing good things for my body like massage, healthy food, exercise, essential oils, prayer, and more. Well here I am - God's living proof of HIS blessings. I am FREEEEEEEEE!!!!! — feeling wonderful. -
I have hyperthyroidism I want to share this with you in case you feel this way. I went to see Dr. Cammi last April and felt terrible when I first started her treatment. I had no energy and all I wanted to do was sleep all of the time. After beginning supplements I feel great and have more energy, and I feel better than I felt since my early 20s. And I’m sleeping again throughout the night. I was very skeptical about natural treatment methods at first. But I’m almost back to normal again and I feel great, and I’m glad I made the decision to try the natural protocol. I couldn’t have made a better decision. I’m so thankful for Dr. Cammi because she really changed my life. Natural is the way to go. I'm off all my RX and my moods are better then ever. Norma Lee
I am off all my RX and off all my supplements. It took a few months but now my body is working like it should. I am happy to only take a multi vitamin. This is not a program you need to stay on pills forever, Cammi gets you off as fast as she can. I was concerned at first that this would be expensive, but Cammi knew my money situation and gave me a deal just to help me. She really has a great big heart. - Patty B
I had a benign mass which generated pressure in my brain and created problems with my normal pituitary functions. This was my second brain tumor, the first was removed with a scarry surgery. When I first went to see Cammi I was suffering from almost
daily debilitating migraines. At her
office we did bio-meridian feedback and Cammi started me on a regimen of supplements. In less than a week I was experiencing days with
NO headache at all, which was something I had not been able to enjoy in years. As
my pituitary functions began to normalize I found that I had renewed energy,
increased ability to concentrate, better memory and an overall healthy glow. When I went to see Cammi I had been battling migraines for over seven years, had
brain surgery and was showing signs of re-growth of the mass. Prior to seeing
Cammi I had tried countless medications to decrease the pressure in my brain and
relieve my migraines but none had been successful and my neurosurgeon was
suggesting another surgery and chemotherapy injections. I continued to work with Cammi for 6 months taking the supplements suggested with my bio-meridian feedback. In January of 2013 I returned to my neurosurgeon’s
office to complete my annual brain MRI and found that the mass was reducing in size. My doctor told me that the MRI looked good enough that I would not need to return for another MRI for two years. I feel healthier than I ever have
and I continue to be migraine free! I continue to see Cammi to maintain my health! I experienced so much success with Cammi that I decided to take my 8
year old daughter, Jorin, to see her. Jorin has an auto-immune disorder known as nephritic syndrome where her body attacks her kidneys. She had been
on daily oral steroids for two years to suppress the syndrome but then became steroid resistant. Following the steroids she endured a year of immune system suppression medications that completely took
away her immune system and brought with them a variety of side effects. My daughter’s kidney specialist was not confident that Jorin could remain in remission if we took her off the immune-suppression therapy. I worked with Cammi to come up with a plan to support my daughter’s system and we transitioned off of immune-suppression therapy and onto Cammi’s supplement program. I am thrilled to say that Jorin has been in remission for seven months now!! During this time Jorin has grown and flourished. We have not needed steroids
or immune-suppression drugs to keep her kidneys function properly, we simply
follow Cammi’s supplement plan that is specifically designed to address Jorin’s
needs. Prior to meeting Cammi our lives consisted of doctors visits, tests, surgeries and medications. I cannot say enough about Cammi’s
>program and the happiness and health it has brought to our family! Thank you Cammi for giving us our lives back!! - Sarah
I have had other meridian testing that didnt work by Cammi's biomeridian was right on and it is the only kind that is FDA approved that gave me confidence. Cammi is caring and took the time with me that I needed, she answers emails within the hour I send them and she doesnt charge enough in my opinion I would of paid double. -- Karen G
"The first thing I noticed was, my hair felt funny and began falling out. I was only 22, and my dad's not bald. Then I never felt like eating, but even so I was always constipated. I had like no energy. When winter came, I could never get warm, even when I put on all my jackets. I felt like I just didn't care, but she kept telling me to see Cammi, so I did. Pretty soon, I started feeling better. I could eat right. I wanted to do things.  My hair came back in. Taking thytrophin from Cammi is the best thing I ever did. And it doesn't cost that much."
"I had a thyroid problem. It's hard for me to talk about what happened. Let's just say that I was ugly and I felt awful. People said it was my own fault. It wasn't. I tried everything. It didn't help. The only thing that finally helped was whole food supplements. I just want people to know that Dr Cammi can make a difference. If you haven't tried this, you're cheating yourself."
"I couldn't get pregnant, so my husband and I went to an infertility clinic. It didn't work, after we paid all that money. I noticed that I was getting heavy, depressed, it even seemed like my hair was falling out! Do you know how embarrassing that is for a woman! Finally, when I got this swelling, my doctor said it was my thyroid. But I had a terrible allergic reaction to my medicine. My friend, who knows all about natural treatments, said to see Cammi. Since I started, it seems like my thyroid learned how to work. Life is beautiful. And so is my baby daughter!" - Kim
My story starts with a sprained ankle when I was 10 years old, which quickly progressed into what few people know today as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.
CRPS is best characterized by intense pain, skin sensitivity, burning sensation, extreme changes in skin temperature, pain that gets worse, rather than better over time, muscle spasms and joint pain that worsen with the slightest touch or breeze, skin that slowly becomes blotchy, purple, or pale. Pain begins at the point of injury, but often spreads to the whole limb, or to the arm or leg on the opposite side of the body. At the time, there was little my doctors could do for me besides medicate. As a ten year old, this was not an option. I was in so much pain in my left foot, that I resorted to crutches for about six months, which only worsened my condition. I was told I would always suffer from this from many specialists.
 As time passed and I got older, my CRPS became more aggressive and spread up my left leg, and slowly I started to feel it in my right leg as well. I was becoming a prisoner in my own body.
When I was sixteen, I was at (what I thought) was the height of my struggle with my CRPS when I heard of a Chronic Pain Specialist in my area and I thought I would give it a try. We went in, and they hadn’t seen many like me before. I was young, I had a very advanced case of CRPS… and they wanted me. So that was that. From that moment on, I felt like a guinea pig. I have had a total of 12 minor procedures, mostly nerve blocks, all unsuccessful, and 3 major procedures to have a neurostimulator system implanted in my spinal column, have the system fixed, than have the system removed once I realized it wasn’t helping me at all. If anything, it made me feel worse. I was depressed; my body was dependent on anti-depressants, pain medications, and a slew of other nasty meds that I never even needed. How was I supposed to know I didn’t need them, when I was told they were my “only option”?
At age 20, after suffering for 10 years with western medicine. My Father convinced me after a horrifying experience with my last nerve block to come see Dr. Cammi Balleck. He said he KNEW she could help me. He had a feeling. I will admit wholeheartedly, after everything I’d been through I was incredibly reluctant and scared. She is a doctor, and I’m very scared of doctors, so what the heck am I getting into? Cammi is not like my other doctors though, she listened, found the cause instead of treating my symptoms. She basically just HEALED me, so I can live a normal life. She didn’t tell me I was crazy, or “sickly” or that I needed to take terrible medications with ingredients that our good Lord only knows which lab they come from. My supplements were plentiful to begin with, and I needed it. They were wholesome and made me feel good. After the first few weeks, I would wake up and walk around…and feel like could go on a run. This was different. I usually wanted to go back to sleep because I was hurting. It was as if the fog I was in for so many years had been lifted. I was weighed down by my pain and the chemicals in the medications I was taking and all that time I was being told I was going to…get better? I still occasionally feel a twinge of pain… but I rarely notice it J Now when I wake up, I smile and I feel like I’m bursting at the seams with energy. I am happy. I am free. I am healthy. I can climb mountains, and sleep soundly, I will never need crutches to walk again. I thank God for Dr. Cammi. She saved my LIFE. I could never repay her. I’m left with some scarring on my back, a terrible phobia of needles, a deep love and belief in natural medicine and whole food supplements. It has been a long road, but I made it and I can’t wait to keep walking, and running…and climbing 14,000 foot mountians and hiking…and biking and swimming…
"I couldn't stop reading. The information was so clear and to the point. It made sense and it made me feel as if my feelings are valid. Your "self-help" information was great. Everything was consistent and well thought out."
My husband is currently using your supplements for sinus polyps. Dr. Cammi, I Just want you to know how great your products are! He had several in his sinus and had bad allergies. He is doing much better. He has been back to the Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist and the dr. cant believe that they are almost gone on your supplements. He of course said he could cut it out, no problem, his fee would be $8,000.00, that is not counting a ct scan and the hospital fee!!!! Thank You, we are telling everyone we know about your web site!
Please use this testimonal as a thank you for saving us.
Mr. and Mrs. Fox
"This book helped me to understand my depression to a degree I was unaware and it is written in a perfect format that is very simple to understand."
"I have been to see Cammi and she helped my depression 100%."The information she gives is so sincere and she not trying to sell any drugs or programs or whatever. Making Happy Happen is a great book full of helpful tips."
I was so imbalanced and stressed. I was depressed, and as Cammi put it wired and tired at the same time. In 48 hours my depression was better and in 2 weeks of doing everything Cammi told me to do I felt 99% better. -Mandy
I was concerned about an ongoing “mental fog” and forgetfulness I had – which is one of the symptoms of Hashimoto’s. I was having trouble losing weight and also felt very low in energy. Since following Dr. Cammi's recommendations I have found that I have a greater sense of calm – something I didn’t expect from the treatment and changes in diet and lifestyle. In addition to getting my Hashimoto’s under control, I have enjoyed other health benefits as well. I no longer suffer from anemia, my Vitamin D levels are normal and my immune system is strong. My thyroid blood tests also improved. Although it’s a commitment and initial expense, it is completely worth it in the long run. Given the alternative (taking thyroid medication for the rest of your life), in my opinion it’s a no brainer. If you give a natural treatment protocol a fair chance you’d be surprised at how much more empowered you’ll feel about your illness and treating it. A natural treatment protocol is an effective solution that puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to your health. Traditional methods do the exact opposite.
I have just stumbled across your site and felt I needed to write to you.
My wife has, for some time suffered from depression to the point of considering suicide a couple of years ago. She has undergone counsellings, taken courses of antidepressants, had long spells off work etc. etc. etc.
Things would seem to be almost OK for a while then she would lapse back. Over the last couple of weeks both of us have noticed the telltale signs that another spell is on it's way so I have been having a look on the Internet to see if I can find anything to help.Your site is a breath of fresh air to me!!
At last someone has a deep understanding of what is going on. I am at work at the moment and have just followed your learning path. I can't wait to get home and show it to my wife. Many thanks for putting this site together.
Dear Cammi,
Thank you for your remarkably successful treatment of my colitis. The combination of diet and whole food supplements and herbs healed whereas,
traditional medicine had not.
Although I have been symptom-free for over a year, I recently underwent a colonoscopy examination and the proof was in the results "colitis free."
My heartfelt thanks for your help and your uplifting positive attitude.
Sincerely, Lisa M
I highly recommend Cammi's treatments. They can better your life. Cammi is very personable and easy to talk to. She understands your pains and how to treat them. I urge you - give Cammi a chance to help you – you have nothing to lose, except pain. I had been to every endocrine specialist with no relief until I met Cammi. I am a new person, my moods are good, my energy and sleep are great and I get along well with others now.
- Nettie L.
“Cammi is the personification of her work, In addition to being an expert in helping the body make endorphins, she effectively teaches others how to be healthy and take control of their own happiness and unlimited potential. She is someone who is a picture of happiness, positivity, enthusiasm and self-confidence on a daily basis. There is no doubt she practices what she preaches.  She is truly gifted."
"Cammi is an amazing human being and expert in what she does.I have worked with many natural healers and experts and she is by far the most dedicated practitioner I have ever met. She is literally available night and day, she has taught me so much in the way of happy hormones. It may sound silly to you, but there is a science to the physical, mental, emotional, body and happiness. This book has brought a new perspective to my way of living, and has changed my view of the world for the better. I am so happy to be happy again."
In early December  2011 I had a seizure. I spent a week in the hospital in intensive care. During that time, they did an MRI to see if they could discover the cause. I was given seizure medicine and sent home. It would take a while before the test results came back. The MRI showed I had a brain lesion about 1.5 x 1.0 cm in diameter on the right side of my brain. We shared the test results with Dr. Cammi and I started her whole food supplements.
IMAGING CENTER FINDINGS - 12/06/11: MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) Brain and Head CT SCAN confirmed “There is a 1.5 x 1.0 cm ring-enhancing lesion in the right parasagittal frontal lobe with surrounding vasogenic edema. The finding is suspicious for a solitary metastasis.”
Six months later I went in for a head and body PET scan. Those test results showed no evidence of a brain lesion or any abnormal activity in the brain. There is simply small scar tissue that that the doctors find unremarkable.
Radiology Center: “Normal PET scan of the brain. No evidence for metabolic abnormality in the right frontal lobe.
Words can not express the joy I felt at hearing the news.
- Jan
I have suffered of nasal polyps since at least 25 years and have had at least 6 surgeries. Few weeks after last surgery, I noticed a polyp in my nose that I could actually see with the help of a light lamp. I decided to try you and to be honest I was skeptical at the beginning. I have taken your supplements  for 4 weeks and I can feel very clearly the polyp has shrinked and I also have recovered the sense of smelling that I had lost since three or so years and didn’t recover after the last surgery. Definitely your supplements are working for me and has change my nasal health as traditional medicine never did. I really don’t know why I didn’t try you before; my life would had been so different and better. Thanks you so much for your miraculous work.  - Denny
"First I'd like to say that if I could give more than 5 stars, I would for this book. This book is a wonderful book on how to conquer depression, an illness that has plagued me for over 9 years.
"This book is really great! When I was first diagnosed with depression, I didn't understand a lot about it. This book really helped me to understand what was going on with me emotionally and understand what was chemically going on in my body."
 "I bought this book, in Dec and have been reading it since. I have read a large number of books on depression, hoping to be able to finally accept and live with myself. This is the first book that I feel has truly spoken to me. I was feeling nothingness, desperation, hopelessness, anger, frustration and need for control. This book hit home, and I know that this book will become an invaluable tool for me for recovery and beyond. I will be recommending it to all those I know who live with sadness and anxiety. I wish to thank you for such an inspiring, and life-changing book.
"I bought this book stressed, depressed, overworked and grieving. I learned my diet was worse than horrible and I learned what vitamins and mineral supplements I need to take. The quiz was very helpful in finding what I was lacking. I also got the tools needed to achieve these conditions, and I am excited, confident, and assured. And I am of course HAPPY."
- Sherry

"On my 4th week of what I am calling my mood makeover, I feel like I am on Cloud 9, lately...and in Cloud City - Real and Sustainable Happiness is the Way to Go! I learned that I need to take care of me first, and how to keep my own gas tank full in everyway and that is the difference."
- Jenn 
"I learned to say "No" to things I really didn't want to do.
 Funny, but that is all I need to do to be happy."
"My husband thanks you and of course so do I. The grouchy woman is gone. I used to just sleep or nag. Now I smile and get stuff done."
 "Just wanted to say thanks for your book. I’m a 44 year old male and I have been going through hell for years. I don’t want to use medication ever again so I needed another strategy. Thank you again."
"I am a self help junkie I have read a lot of books to find happiness, This book was the first one that is different than the rest. Cammi doesn't tell you to find your happy place or find what you love and do it. This book gave me the tools I need to keep my physical body balanced and working. I didnt even know I had stress glands, but now I do and now I know how to feed them so they work! LOVE IT!"
- One happy mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend.
"This book helped me find and set effective goals to overcome
 an unstable period in my life."
"I was SO OVERWHELMED with the downward circle my life was in. My marriage was on the rocks, my kids were not talking to me, I hated my job, heck I hated my self. I was jealous of other peoples happiness and success. Reading and using what this book taught me, allowed me to be more effective in what I am doing and feel happy and fulfilled. My marriage is mending and my relationships with everyone are more peaceful. I realize now when moma's happy everyone is happy!"
"I was hurting so bad, this book saved my life literally. It didn't happen overnight but everyday I am a step closer and I am so thankful I know what to do now."
"I found this book during an extremely awful time through a friend who had watched me languish and suffer for months. I am still on the journey, yet I would like to share what this book has done for me. This book changed my life around and brought me out of a deep, deep sadness. This book saved me when I used to cry myself to sleep. This book pulled me up from empty to fulfilled. Cammi is kind, and generous,a powerful helper, and very determined to assist others in their pursuit of happiness. One thing I know for sure, the world is a better place because of her.I hope to be able to 'pay this forward' because now I am a happier and better person."
"No words can thank the grace of God enough for bringing this to me."
I had been trying to have a baby for 16 months. I saw Dr. Cammi, after testing my hormones and 30 days on supplements I got pregnant. Now I have a new baby girl. -Neisha
" My blood test came back normal. My cholesterol is lower than its ever been, My liver is working and Im off all my Perscriptions" -Kate
I have been suffering from eczema since I was seven years old. I have been to many G.P.'s who have only given my topical creams as a "band aid". They would work only short term then I would have break outs constantly. Finally, last summer I had the worst flare up in over 30 years. My hands had swollen to twice their size and were severely infected.
I had been recommended to Cammi from a patron and said that she had much success with her son who had severe allergies. I needed help desperately because I could no longer function with every day tasks. I was very limited as to what I could eat because many things I put in my mouth affected my eczema. Cammi talked to me extensively about my life and my dietary habits. We soon discovered that it was my gut that was causing my issues, a daity allergy and soon revamped my diet and gave me a variety of supplements and enzymes to repair the stomach as well as topical remedies to sooth the skin. Within a days I could already see the difference in my hands and was getting relief of the pain. After a few months my eczema was totally gone!! I could go back to wearing my wedding rings which I could not wear for over a year!
It is a miracle and big thanks to Cammi for guiding me through this journey to clear skin and a happy tummy! -- Alan
"My obgyn couldnt believe it when my blood test came back normal"
“I am GREAT on the plant hormones! I have more energy now that I’m sleeping through the night again. Many thanks!” -Jean
“I went to 5 different doctors for my migraine headaches and after one month on my hormones and minerals my migraines were completely gone.” -Kimmi
"My blood pressure is normal Im off all RX" - Sally
"I am pregnant" Jeni
“Whenever I have memory problems, I rub some of the bio-identical cream on the inside of my thighs and it's like magic. This is not my imagination. The cream must stimulate my progesterone level because I can do public speaking, go off on a tangent and without notes come back to the main point. I couldn't do this before. It amazes me. Thank you for your help.” --Donna
“The hormone balancing has made all the difference in the world. Thank you so much! I feel like myself again. Thank you Cammi.” --Joan
"I quit smoking, thanks for your help" -- larry
My family and I have had the pleasure of seeing Cammi since 2007.
She has been an extremely helpful and insightful natural health provider.
Cammi has helped my family by seeing the cause of the problems before they have become lifelong issues. I have often felt frustrated by conventional medicine because MD's often wait until the issue is too far along before they offer to treat you which often leads to diseases needing to be treated by prescription drugs.
You know your body better than anyone and Cammi will listen and offer you a solution.Also Cammi's staff is very helpful and pleasant.
My children have always felt very comfortable and cared for by Cammi, they give her a hug at every visit and now ask to go get checked. We highly recommend Cammi's services.
Melanie and Family
"My IBS is gone!!! - Jill
“I feel just great on my hormones. I value my relationship with you and always get so much out of seeing you.” -- Tara
" I have a monthly cycle, good moods, and no headaches, or pain with intercourse" Ive never felt better. -- Carisa
" I had a cyst that is now gone. amazing! " Debbie
" I had yeast in my mouth, nasty. detox is amazing." - Sue
" I did not sleep for years. and NOW I SLEEP GOOD EVERY NIGHT!" I am a new person just with some sleep." - Carolyn
I am feeling much better and I do attribute that to the supplements I've been taking. Thank you so very much for helping me.” --Dean
I'm feeling MUCH better. I NEED MY CREAM especially when it comes to visiting certain relatives! Thanks again,” --Nancy
I have had 4 ovarian cysts, for 6 years I took supplements for 6 months and when i went for an ultrasound 3 of them were gone. Im out of pain. thank you so so much Cammi. -- Debra
I had allergies real bad my entire life, I was always stuffy and spitting phlegm all the time, after 30 days of supplements and a small diet change I am breathing freely all day long. I also was having trouble sleeping and falling asleep, she fixed that also. I don't go to the hospital but I trust Dr. Cammi to treat me without a bunch of processed drugs full of side affects. -Kyle
“I'm doing well! NO HOT FLASHES and no more waking up at 3am!!!!”
“I am doing wonderfully with my hormones! The little things are no longer bothering me and my family likes me again. Again, thank you, thank you for all you have done for me.” Lonna
I had bad edema and water retention with excess sweating. After starting supplements my swelling went away! In addition , my blood pressure went down and I was able to stop prescription medication and control it with a healthier supplement. --Pat
I showed elevated liver enzymes and high cholestrol from my 9 health fair test. I was impressed that the test also showed I needed liver supplements. I immediately noticed more energy and better digestion. However the great testimony came 3 months later when I had a follow up blood test, and I was in normal range. -Laura
I had extreme exhaustion. My saliva test showed I had adrenal concerns, NO suprise, I was under a lot of stress. After 3 days on adrenal supplements I felt like a kid again. -Kelly
I have had cronic UTI for years. My tests showed bacteria, after a few days on supplements the pain went away. In addition ,I haven't had any UTI's in a year. - Lauren
Since I was a kid I have had allergy and nasal problems. I have taken everything without success. After finding my liver and lymph systems were the problem my allergies are bearable. - Levi
For years I have struggled with gout. I found out I had a kidney overload, I did a detox flush with supplements and my gout went away and hasn't returned. I am off all my medications and i feel so much better. - Pastor Ed
My arthritis was killing me! After addressing my liver and joint function, my pain is gone. I was a skeptic but now i'm a pain free believer.
- Ken
“I am less irritable, nicer, and sleeping very well.”
I had gall stones and terrible pain. After taking a supplement for mobilization of bile and fat metabolism for a few days, my pain went away and my stones got small enough for me to pass without my knowing. - Nancy
I have had terrible flatulence and indigestion in addition to foul gas. I got supplements in the mail. Just taking 3 pills a day, I am digestion problem free. Not only am I happy but so is the whole family. - Deb
I had horrible eczema while living in a dry area. I got a supplement of oil and my skin has never been clearer. -Pam
I have been on high blood meds for years. Knowing the side effects I wanted an alternative. I had a biomeridian scan and it showed my kidneys as a red area. I started a cardio kidney supplement and now that is all I take. I am happy to be off meds and have my BP normal. -Sally
Thank you for your help. Since I have been seeing you and started this cream I feel better than I did in my 20's and 30's. I never enjoyed sex before – that’s changed. My husband says thank you too.” --Karla